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Terms & Conditions

All the prices mentioned  are in broad ranges only. Charges depend on  number of areas/sittings,amount of fat extracted, Number of Hairs/BioFibers transplanted, Instrumentation & duration.Exact can be known only after personal consultation.

Prices include the surgical fee,operation theater,drugs & material, daycare hospital cost & anesthetist.

Prices apply to average healthy individuals. If you have additional problems like diabetes/hypertension etc, which require the involvement of another specialist/special medications/anaesthesia, such cost will be added.

Blood transfusion and biopsy are not routine. If in your individual case they are required you will have to bear the extra cost.

The cost of usual implants is included. In case you need special implants, they can be arranged and the cost difference will have to be taken into account.

Dr. Chaudhari will evaluate your specific problem at the time of personal consultation and will give you the exact cost which will be inclusive of surgical fee, anaesthesia fee, medications, disposables & implants.Advance payment of 50% of surgical fees is required to book date.

We accept only cash/credit-debit cards/demand drafts only.Full surgical fess have to be paid before surgery commences.

The service tax of Rs.15% is applicable on all professional/surgical fees.

Credit card/Debit card transactions invite 2.5% charges.

Categories of Surgery

Breast [Female] Surgery :: Currency Converter Link

  • Breast Augumentation by Fat Cost(INR) Rs.35000-50000
  • Breast enlargement with implant Cost(INR) Rs.65000-95000
  • Npple / Areola reduction surgery Cost(INR) Rs.20000/-

Consultation :: Currency Converter Link

  • Consultation Fee Cost(INR) FREE

Fat Grafting-Volumetric Reshaping :: Currency Converter Link

  • Forehead & Temporal augumentaion Cost(INR) Rs.25000
  • Orbital Volumetric reshaping Cost(INR) Rs.25000
  • Cheek Augumentation Cost(INR) Rs.25000-40000
  • Nasolabial folds Filling Cost(INR) Rs.20000
  • LipAgumetation Cost(INR) Rs.15000
  • Chin Augumetnation with Fat Injections Cost(INR) Rs.15000
  • Neck Volumetric enhancement Cost(INR) Rs.20000
  • Male Chest enhancement Cost(INR) Rs.35000
  • Female Breast Augumentation Cost(INR) Rs.65000 to 110000
  • Female Breast Cleavage Enhancement Cost(INR) Rs.30000
  • MonsPubis augumentation Cost(INR) Rs.25000
  • Penile girth augumentation Cost(INR) Rs.40000
  • Buttocks Volumetric Augumentation Cost(INR) Rs.60000-110000
  • Calves Augumentation Cost(INR) Rs.40000
  • Face & neck Volumetric reshaping Cost(INR) Rs40000
  • Post Liposuction defects correction Cost(INR) Rs.20000-60000

Hair Implant-Artificial Hairs :: Currency Converter Link

  • Biofibre Cost(INR) Rs.65/per fibre

Implanter needle Rs.1000 costs extra as required.Various shades are available to match your existing hairs Procedure done under local anesthesia.No downtime

Laser Hair Remova :: Currency Converter Link

  • Upper Lip Hair Removal Cost(INR) Rs.1000/- per sitting 6-10 sittings are required depending on individual response
  • Chin Hair Remvoal Cost(INR) Rs.1500-2000
  • Both cheeks Hair removal Cost(INR) Rs.3000/- per sitting
  • Ears Cost(INR) Rs.1000/- per sitting
  • Eyebrows Cost(INR) Rs.1000-2000
  • Neck Cost(INR) Rs.3000-5000
  • Nose Cost(INR) Rs.1000/- per sitting
  • Face full Cost(INR) Rs.5000/- per sitting
  • Chest Male Cost(INR) Rs.3000/- per sitting
  • Back Male Cost(INR) Rs.3000/- per sitting
  • Bikini area Cost(INR) Rs.3000/- per sitting
  • Arms Both Cost(INR) Rs.3000
  • Legs both Cost(INR) Rs.10000
  • body hair removal full Cost(INR) Rs.30000 Diode laser fast hair removal system requires one hours to treat full body

Laser Vein Removal :: Currency Converter Link

  • Spider veins Removal Cost(INR) Rs.1000-10000 Fine spider veins dissappear in one sitting. More sittings may be required depending on response.
  • Sclerotherapy Cost(INR) Rs.1000-5000 Sclerosing injections are used.Cost depends on number of sites.

Nasal Surgery-Rhinoplasty :: Currency Converter Link

  • Tip plasty Cost(INR) Rs.30000
  • Tipplasty with Nostril redcution Cost(INR) Rs.35000
  • Nostril reduction Cost(INR) Rs20000
  • Deviated Septum correction Cost(INR) Rs.25000-350000
  • Hump reduction Cost(INR) Rs.20000-25000
  • Septorhinoplasty Cost(INR) Rs.25000-350000
  • Nasal Bridge augumentation with implant Cost(INR) Rs.35000-60000
  • Nose size reduction Cost(INR) Rs.30000
  • Columella hang reduction Cost(INR) Rs.20000
  • Post cleft palate surgery nose correction Cost(INR) Rs.30000-80000
  • NasoFrontal angle correction Cost(INR) Rs.20000
  • Nose Acnescars laser correction Cost(INR) Rs.10000
  • Crooked Nose correction Cost(INR) Rs.25000
  • Nasal augumetation with Oesteotomies Cost(INR) Rs.30000
  • Nasal base reduction Cost(INR) Rs.20000

Breast [Male] Surgery :: Currency Converter Link

  • Breast[Male] reduction-Gynecomastia Cost(INR) Rs 35000
  • Male chest reshaping Cost Rs.35000
  • Nipple reduction Cost(INR) Rs.15000

Facial Cosmetic Surgery :: Currency Converter Link

  • Forehead Lift-Endoscopic Cost(INR) Rs.50000/- Admission not required
  • Brow Lift-Endoscope Cost(INR) Rs.35000/- No admission required
  • Otoplasty Cost(INR) Rs.35000
  • Mid Face-cheeks Lift-Endoscopic Cost(INR) Rs.35000/-
  • Chin Augumentation with Silicon Implant Cost(INR) Rs.45000 This includes Implant cost
  • Dimple Creation Surgery-One side Cost(INR) Rs.15000
  • Dimple Creation Surgery-Both sides Cost(INR) Rs.25000
  • Buccal Fat Extraction to make face oval Cost(INR) Rs.25000
  • Auroplasty-earlobe repair Cost(INR) Rs.5000
  • Eyelid surgery-blepheroplasty Cost(INR) Rs3.5000
  • Ptosis surgery-Droopy eyelids Cost(INR) Rs.35000
  • Face lift-Short scar technique Cost(INR) Rs.80000 Cost is variable as per individual requirement
  • Neck lift Cost(INR) Rs.30000-60000
  • Cheek augumentation with implant Cost(INR) Rs.45000 This includes the implant cost

Female Genital Surgery :: Currency Converter Link

  • Hymen Repair[Revirginisation] Cost(INR) Rs.15000/- No admission required .No follow up visits. Utmost confidentiality is maintained.Procedure should be performed just 3-4 weeks prior to marriage
  • Labiaplasty   Cost(INR) Rs.35000 Done under local anesthesia.No admission required Few Hours clinic stay.
  • Labial fat enhancement Cost(INR) Rs.25000
  • Clitoral reduction Cost(INR) Rs.25000
  • Male Genital Surgery
  • Circumcision Rs.15000.
  • Frenulectomy  Rs.15000
  • Penile fat injection Rs.40000

Hair Transplant :: Currency Converter Link

  • Hair transplant- follicular unit graft Cost(INR) Rs30/-per graft Most common technique gives good natural results with good density. 500-2000 grafts planted in 4-8 hours. More grafts can be transplanted on two consecutive days
  • Hair Transplant follicular Unit Extract Cost(INR) Rs30/per graft 500-2500 FUE can be transplanted in 4-10hours
  • Hair Transplant Beard to scalp Fue Cost(INR) Rs.60/graft

Laser Skin Care :: Currency Converter Link

  • Laser Birthmark removal Cost(INR) Rs.5000-15000 one or two sittings are required
  • Laser Skin tightening Cost(INR) Rs.5000-35000 Multiple Biweekly/monthly sittings are required as per the skin condition & response
  • Laser Active Acne treatment Cost(INR) Rs.2000-5000 Multiple weekly/Biweekly/monthly/Bimonthly sittings are required as per the skin condition & response
  • Laser Acne scars Both cheeks Cost(INR) Rs.5000 One sitting This is done by Fractional CO2 laser.3-5 sittings required
  • Laser Acne scars full Face Cost(INR) Rs.30000 one sitting
  • Laser Mole/Wart/skintag removal Cost(INR) Rs.3000/- Rs.500/- per extra moles
  • Laser Facial Cost(INR) Rs.2000-3000 Multiple weekly/Biweekly sittings are required as per the skin condition & response
  • Laser Tattoo removal Cost(INR) Rs.500-3000 Bimonthly sittings are required as per the skin condition & response 3 to 5 sittings are required
  • Laser pigment removal Cost(INR) Rs.2000-5000 Multiple weekly/Biweekly/monthly/Bimonthly sittings are required as per the skin condition & response

Liposuction :: Currency Converter Link

  • Liposuction Face & Neck Cost(INR) Rs30000 Essentialy done under local anesthesia through three 2mm punctures.No admission required.
  • Liposuction Arms Cost(INR) Rs.30000-50000
  • Liposuction Circumferential Abdomen upper & Lower, Flanks & Back tyres Cost(INR) Rs.55000-Rs.75000 Correct costing is possible on consultation
  • Liposuction of Female Breast Cost(INR) Rs.35000-Rs.50000
  • Liposuction of Male Breast[Gynecomastia] Cost(INR) Rs.350000
  • liposuction of Bra-fat Cost(INR) Rs.20000-Rs.30000
  • Liposuction of Double Chin only Cost(INR) Rs.20000
  • Liposuction of Back Cost(INR) Rs.35000
  • Liposuction of lower Abdomen only Cost(INR) Rs.30000-45000
  • Liposuctionof abdomen,flanks,back tyres
  • Cost(INR) Rs.75000
  • Abdominal etching six packs
  • Rs.80000.
  • Liposuction of Hips & Buttocks Cost(INR) Rs.35000-50000
  • liposuction of Buttocks Cost(INR) Rs.35000-50000
  • Liposuction of Buttocks & Thighs-Inner & outer Cost(INR) Rs.75000
  • Liposuction of Thighs-Circumferential Cost(INR) Rs.55000-Rs.70000
  • Liposuction of Hips,Buttocks, Thighs & calves Cost(INR) Rs.75000-Rs.90000

Skin care procedures :: Currency Converter Link

  • Microdermabrasion Cost(INR) Rs.1200/per sitting Weekly multiple sittings are required as per the skin condition & response
  • Dermaroller skin treatment Cost(INR) Rs.3000-5000 Multiple weekly/Biweekly sittings are required as per the skin condition & response
  • Chemical peels Cost(INR) Rs.500-2000 Multiple weekly/Biweekly sittings are required as per the skin condition & response
  • Tattoo laser removal Rs.1000-5000 per sitting