The Latest Advance In Liposuction

Areas showing stubborn fatty deposits.

Liposuction, a surgical procedure that removes unwanted fat from the body, has been labor intensive process for the doctor as well as the patient, but now there is a new procedure that is less traumatic : power assisted liposuction (PAL).

While liposuction, like any surgery, has its risks, doctors are reporting less bruising, less swelling and a quicker recovery time for patients undergoing power-assisted liposuction. Dr. Chaudhari has been on the forefront of the new technology and has been one of the first few surgeons in the country that has adopted this procedure in his practice with excellent results.

In power-assisted liposuction (PAL), a new and improved microcannula powers through the fat and vacuums it out. The cannula is attached to a hand piece, powered by micromotor, which causes it to vibrate. The vibration, or reciprocation, is 4000 times per minute. This low speed reciprocation delivers enough energy to the tip of the cannula so it passes easily through the fat with almost no physical effort by the surgeon. This result is greater control and less trauma to the patient. The vibration also assists in passing the cannula through fibers and scar tissue.

Power assisted liposuction has several advantages over ultrasonic assisted liposuction: the power assisted liposuction cannula are smaller (microcannula), resulting in smaller scars: there is no potential for burns with the power assisted liposuction; operation takes less time with power assisted liposuction, therefore is safer for patients; and postoperative pain is less with power assisted liposuction. Also with PAL there is less fatigue for the surgeon, allowing being more precise and focusing his attention to the sculpting aspect of the procedure. Power assisted liposuction is more effective in revisional surgery and in areas that are traditionally more difficult like chest and back.

Dr. Chaudhari feels that all these advantages make power assisted liposuction the way of the future, where high technology is used in combination of an artistic touch to create a beautiful result.