The Pre-Operative Featuers

  • Focusing on a nose that is large, long, crooked, hooked, or has a bulbous tip or a bump on the top.
  • A nose that is too large, long or wide in comparison to the rest of the face.
  • The presence of difficulty in breathing, or continued sinus drainage.
  • A history of nasal trauma, accidents or fractures that have left the nose crooked or disfigured.
  • Desire for a softened, delicate, balanced nasal appearance.
  • Unsatisfactory appearance from a previous surgery and a desire to revise or make the nose look better. This is a revision rhinoplasty.

The Procedure

  • Anesthesia can be local or general and the surgery takes one to two hours.
  • Very well concealed incisions are made inside the nostrils, and occasionally across the lower midsection.
  • Excess bone and cartilage is removed, reshaped, or redistributed. The skin molds down around this rearranged framework to arrive at the final cosmetic appearance.
  • The septal cartilage in the middle of the nose is removed or molded to allow for better breathing.
  • No packing is required.
  • A splint is applied over the nose for a week to hold the tissues in place and decrease swelling.
  • A chin implant often compliments this procedure and improves the profile.
  • This can be combined with other surgeries.

The Recovery

  • You can go home after several hours.
  • You can shower on the second day after surgery.
  • Minimal pain that is mostly gone by the second or third day and easily controlled by medications.
  • Some congestion and nasal drip for two to three days.
  • Swelling which is mild to moderate and peaks at two to three days then disappears rapidly over the next three weeks.
  • Insignificant swelling that slowly resolves over the next six to twelve months.
  • Minimal bruising between the eyes and onto cheeks which is most at two days then disappears rapidly by three to five days.
  • Resume many activities within the first week, and most by at least three weeks.
  • No stitches to remove. They are all dissolvable.
  • Off of work for three to seven days.
  • Taping the nose postoperatively for 1-5 days will help swelling to dissipate faster.

The Result

  • Very natural result, not scooped out or bobbed up too much.
  • A softened and beautiful balance to compliment your other facial features and proportions.
  • Lasts the rest of your life and always looks better than if you didn't do it.
  • Natural and presentable appearance after the first week that just gets better over the next three to six months.