Fillers to hide unwanted wrinkles,folds & depressions on face Desire for a more youthful appearance and especially improvements in the contours, furrows, and wrinkles associated with the aging process. Desire for larger lips or larger cheekbones.

Focusing on wrinkle lines, deep furrows like in the laugh lines, small lips, and acne scars. Features of contour depressions, fine or deep wrinkle lines, furrows, or acne scar pits can all be improved. Also may be helpful in improving contours after rhinoplasty, lip enlargements and other procedures.

The Product

  • Composed only of the very pure and natural substance hyaluronic acid that is found in all humans and vertebrates.
  • Highly stable and not animal in origin, therefore very biocompatible. Perlane is used throughout the world.

The Procedure

  • Anesthesia is usually a topical or local injection so that this procedure is virtually painless.
  • You do not need a skin test.
  • It takes about 15 to 45 minutes.
  • You may need a "touch up" procedure in about 2-4 weeks.
  • The product is injected with a small needle just like insulin syringe.
  • There are no dressings or specific postoperative precautions.
  • This can be combined with other cosmetic surgical procedures.

The Recovery

  • You see your result and the approximate degree of your result immediately.
  • You can shower, bathe, wash and apply makeup immediately.
  • There is virtually no pain.
  • Swelling is mild to none at all.
  • Minimal or no bruising is the usual.
  • You can resume all activities and exercise immediately.

The Result

  • Beautiful, natural improvement in contours and wrinkles.
  • The product lasts a long time and sometimes as long as six months.
  • Always looks better than if you didn't do it.
  • Natural and presentable immediately.
  • Very effective before attending parties, functions & holidays to have impressive youthful look.