by ultrasonic &  power assisted liposuction

Abdominal etching/six packs

Many people wish that they could get flat abdomen by exercise alone. However, in reality even the most well-toned muscles can be concealed by a thick layer of fat. Do you want washboard abs, but can't quite achieve that look, no matter how much you exercise? As an alternative, you may want to consider abdominal etching,

The procedure selectively removes a small amount of fat around the patient's natural muscular contours and shapes or sculpts the abdomen to give flatter & musculr appearance.

Prior to the procedure, the surgeon makes detailed markings of the patient's flexed ab muscles and uses the markings to remove fat and highlight the patient's individual muscular structure. The procedure is suitable for patients who are already in shape and who have between one to two centimeters of "pinchable belly fat". It is not suitable for patients with larger accumulations of abdominal fat seeking to significantly reduce their belly size or accomplish weight reductions as the amount of fat removed is fairly small. A traditional liposuction is more suitable for those patients.

Before procedure muscle bellies,are well defined with markings in standing & semiflexed abdomen in lying position. the abdominal etching procedure typically lasts for l-2 hours, but the total time will vary with the amount of sculpting required. Unwanted fat removed through small

incisions of one-three mm in the belly button or in markings of "six pack." By removing a small amount of fat, your individual muscular structure will be highlighted and should show excellent definition.Procdure is done under local or spinal anesthesia.Minor bruising & pain for few days is possible.Person needs to use compression garment for one month post operatively.

Candidates for abdominal etching should have good muscle tone and already developed abdominal muscles. Abdominal etching simply highlights the muscles you already have by removing the small fat deposits that hide them. Procedure is recommended for  people with less than two centimeters of fat that can be "pinched." Both men and women use this body contouring procedure to help define their abdominal section and obtain a more muscular and leaner look.

Results are visible after 4-6 months.Person needs to maitain weight & do exercise regularly.Results are more gratifying if chest & abdomen are treated together.Similar

sculpting can be done fo other body parts in selected cases.

It is advanced new liposuction technique to give male abdomen & chest athletic muscular,flatter appearance.Six pack abdomen is possible in selected cases.